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Hello All!

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Just joined this forum. I Began woodworking a couple of years ago and now have a fairly well equiped shop started in the basement. Looking forward to sharing discussions with everyone.

Can I start with question though?

Does anyone know anything about working with shingle oak? I know that it is a species of red oak that was originally used for making shingles for log cabins (hence the name). I have about 250 board feet of the stuff, cut quarter sawn, drying in my garage right now. I would like to use it to make stair treads for the steps to my finished basement, but I don't know if it would be a good wood to use.

Anyone want to wade in on this topic?
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Welcome to the club! I am sure on of the guys will jump in with the information you seek.
They are prolific in Ohio. I have never used it unless by accident and didn't know it becauyse it is often cofused and/or called Laurel Oak or Norther Laurel Oak.
I thnk I red one time where it has lots of internal pin knots like Pin Oak.
Do yo uhave some or considering getting some?
I would spend my money/time on something else if it were me.
If you have it already and like the looks of it though, use it! It doesn't turn green or discolor like Black Jack Oak to my knowledge.
Sorry it took so long to answer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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