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That's a pretty easy cut with a decent shaper.....which is what my money is on regarding how the factory managed it.

But what fun would that be?You have some choices posted above,it's up to you to come up with what best serves your shop's arsenal of equip and maybe more importantly,your skillsets.

Try and keep a record(notes are a very under-utilized expedient in sm shops BTW)of your strategies.It will be interesting to look back on them once you get an approach or technique developed.

My input would be,watch your tooling/finishing for tracks/scratches that may show up when in the finish room.And this isn't "limited" to scratch/sander/grinder marks.One of the biggy's in radius work is how well you hit tangents......really need to buckle down on this aspect.Best of luck,check back in,be safe.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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