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i am currently planning on redoing the bar top at the bar i work at , it has 2 sides both being 25 ft long , with an 8 long ft section at one end. currently there is a plywood top on one side that is beginning to deteriorate , and a 2 cm stone top on the other side ( they dont really match) bar top is 18 in wide and approx 26 in wide with bar rail and drink rail

they like the wood look and we are thinking about a bar top made from hardwood flooring (t&g), most likely prefinished as we will only have a cpl days that the bar will be closed. ( and we can add more finish layers later)

ive done some research online already and have gotten different answers, i am looking to nail down a good strategy so we can move forward

we will be using 2 layers of 3/4 in plywood as the substrate (this will get us to the 42 in height ) and will also be using a bar rail.

the main concerns i have is the wood moving from moisture, cupping, and moisture in the seams. they really dont want to use plywood again or the epoxy resin

now the questions:

should i glue or nail (or both ) the flooring to the plywood

should i cut and plane the boards (not use the t&g) saw some suggestions of this

should i nail/ screw through the underside ? through plywood into the flooring

does it matter if i use 3 in or 5 in flooring?

how about using handscraped flooring ? bad idea? we like the look alot

we dont want to use and epoxy resin as a finish , we are thinking more of polyurethane or spar varnish (obviously we will have to scuff top of prefinished flooring and then apply ) will also be at a later date

any other things i should be aware of or suggestions?

fyi bar top gets alot of use and has girls dancing on it from time to time (party bar)

thank you so much in advance for any help

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True hardwood flooring, 3/4" x 2 1/2" would make a fine bar top with the two layers of 3/4" ply as a substrate. You could use it in it's original lengths or cut it to shortened pieces, or make a herringbone pattern or even a parkay pattern; just a few suggestions. Oak flooring is not generally glued and nailed but that could be your choice. I would leave the t&g's alone and use them, they will enhance the regidity of the bar top. I also would use flooring nails to nail it to the substrate, sand and finish with a sanding sealer and 5 or more coats of poly.

If the dancing girls make the finish undesirable in time, it can easily be sanded and refinished in one day.
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