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These are at an estate sale. No idea how much they want, sale hasn't started yet. There are no pictures of other tools at the sale, so I think it's a bit odd to see these.

I'm not a plane user, so I have no idea if any of these are any good or special. I want to learn more about the different types, get a decent assortment, and start using them.

Can anyone tell from the picture if any of these are worth going to look at?

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Hard to tell from the pic, but they both look like #5 1/2 planes. I am not completely familiar with the history of the numbering system, but a #5 1/2 would be considered a decent size as a multi-purpose plane.The same model was made by Stanley, Bailey, Clifton and others. Countless others have been made by knockoff companies, so garbage, some outstanding.
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