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Hey guys, I am rather new to this forum and even newer to hand tools. :eek:

I have to first say I enjoy hand tools but mine are not set up right! :no:

I have posted a few pictures of what I have on hand and would like some direction on how to set up and prep these for work.

Then some guidance on how to properly use them.

I tried to plan this cutting board (not the end grain one) and it was a disaster, all planes dug, cut uneven and was overall a Halloween massacre! :censored:

I appreciate the help!


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If you are anything like me, videos help a lot on top of the readings. I am a visual learner so seeing something being done goes a long way in my book.

I personally would suggest watching so videos on setting up the handplanes. Some such as this

or search you tube for "chris schwarz plane".

The guys on here will definitly lead you down the right path, but these will help as well. At least the have for me.

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One of the planes is missing the blade, cap iron and lever cap, so a lot of parts needed before you can use it.

The larger plane looks like a copy of Stanley No. 5. Not seeing any name in the picture. Many copies did not have manufacturer name.

You did not mention if you sharpened the blade. I would expect the blade to be dull on any plane you purchase, at least this has been the case on all the vintage planes I have purchased so far.

Take a look at TimeTestedTools blog. A lot of useful information.

There are a number of restoration threads on the forum.

This thread has links to some of my restoration threads.


After reviewing information, you may have some specific questions. Lots of folks on the forum are happy to try and answer.

If the blade is dull and the plane is not tuned, I would expect the poor performance you mentioned. The blade may be set too deep at present. This and being dull would mean it would not cut well.

This is a thread on setting the depth of the blade on a hand plane.

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