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Anybody have any experience with, or a set of instructions for installing these Hafele bed rail fittings. I know the plate part will be centered on the end of each bed rail, and I know the L-bracket goes on the post. Part I'm uncertain is where to place the L-bracket, i.e. should I center it on the post width, or can I offset it a bit. And if I do offset it, how close can i get to the edge of the post. The posts are 2.5" square.


Thanks in advance
Are you building this bed frame or repairing/improving an existing bed? That would be m first question. If I were doing it I would place the rail portion centered, then meausure center top/bottom left/right where it meets the post and go from there. I would not offset it due to possible blowout, but you may be able to with 2.5". One time when I moved from HI to CA the movers destroyed my bed rails and I fixed it with these. http://www.woodcraft.com/product/2003269/3200/bed-rail-fastener.aspx
I did have to build a jig and re-trace the bed rail and make a new mortise in the end. I then sealed them in with epoxy. It has held up quite well and it's been about 3 years. BTW with an 808 are you in Hawaii? if so could you PM me please.
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