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Gun Cabinet for my son

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Here are a few pics of a recently (today!) completed gun cabinet.
Materials are Pin Oak and some Red oak, Lexan for the doors and green felt.
Finish is Dark Walnut oil based stain (as per request) and 3 coats of Marine Varnish. A couple of wax (Johnsons) jobs to finish it off.
It's 78" tall.
Furniture Cupboard Wood stain Antique Wood

This pic is of the method I used to hold in the Lexan. The glass shop couldn't get the metal clips I wanted.
Wood Wood stain Table Furniture Hardwood

This is the interior of the slanted front. The green felted panel lifts out for access to a hidden compartment.


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That looks great and with a hidden compartment! I made one just like it for my son, out of ASH, about 10 years ago. He now has a gun safe, so the one I made just holds STUFF now!
looks real nice! is there any locks built into it? Just saying cause I built a secret compartment in our wainscotting in our house. had it set to those pop out magnets but my 2 year old daughter found it. Of course I have locks on the guns and I was watching her do it so we had no incidents but now I just have a fancy area for her to hide grapes and other spoilable goods so the wife gets ticked every couple of weeks lol
Truly amazing. That is great you got it finished beautifully! Thanks for letting us see it.
Thanks for the kind words.

Gotspiccoli, Every door and drawer has a lock. The tall door has two.

My son asked for the locks simply to keep his children and their friends safe. Not much will stop a determined thief. In his case, location of the cabinet will help.
VERY very nice Gene
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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