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ground screw anchors

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I bought 8 anchors for the play set that flipped and the grand daughters trampoline. I’ve got one Milwaukee torque drill and a large Makita. They were using a cordless, but mine are corded.

I’ve had both drills for years. Never having a chance to use them Of late. Let’s see if they can turn the anchors. I’ve not used either in 15 years..

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I've never used those. Do they just drill into the dirt, and they hold?
They should. The original ones on the play set are rebar. About 12” long. I would think these would be better..

I need to round up some of these projects. I want to pressure wash the swing set, fence, driveway and deck.
I used two of those things to hold my tomato plant gantry thing back against 50 mph winds last summer when the plants were over 6 feet tall. Six plants.

The gantry is just 1" electrical conduit, two verticals, wise radius 90° pieces and then a horizontal. No guy wires or anything. Didn't think I needed them.

But I went out in the storm to put those little 2" auger anchors in & tie some paracord as guy wires. Just two on the north side.

They held really well, which is surprising because the soil wasn't even compacted. I twisted them into the tilled garden soil by hand.
Wish I had known about these. Would have used on my Runner bean supports..
Will find out later today.
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Storms were a coming and I didn’t have time to run cords , etc. I grabbed the impact from Oreilly(battery) and put them in. Pretty quick..
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