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I had on of those Grizzly contractors saws. I also purchased it in 1986, mine had a 1.5 hp motor. I found that a little under powered so I replaced it with a 2 hp, 3,425 from Granger. I used the saw for a number of years I even put a Unifence and link belt on it. My problem with the saw was blade alignment I could never get the best of it. I even drilled the adjustment holes over size. I ended off removing the fence and motor and gave it to my Son-in Law. I ended out buying a used Unisaw with the pipe type fence system. I was able to reuse my Unifence.

BTW, I would not give more than $100.00 for the Grizzly. I think when it was new it sold for $295.00.

If it were me I would check out the Powermatic. If you can get the price down that would make a real nice saw.
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