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i have the same fence on my gray ridgid ts2412. holds it's settings and is rock solid once adjusted properly and locked down.

the 4512 is a nice saw, as long as a unit without the "blade/miter slot alignment changing with blade elevation issue" is located. and what is "an aftermarket drop in for use with a router" ?

the 2400 is a job site saw and it's fence system is different from the one of the linked c-man.

the less than optimal fence system on older c-man 113s is quite different from the one on the c-man KS linked. the fence on the linked c-man, although not a t square like a bies or a delta t2, is nonetheless a first rate and eminently usable fence.
you extend the right table out and theres an extra table that fits in the gap which accommodates a router for use with the ts fence.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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