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I've been seriously contemplating upgrading my Dewalt portable TS for a hybrid (I have very serious space constraints: 10x12 shed out back).

The forerunners are the Steel City and the Grizzly. I've read tons of reviews on both of them and feel I have a good idea on the pros and cons of each.

My primary interest is safety, I'd love a good blade guard system that I can remove and replace easily so that I'm more likely to use it.

I really, really want to get the grizzly, but everyone says the blade guard is a joke (and the pics at their site don't disagree). Whereas the SC one has a tool-less system. Since I'm just a hobbyist I'd be willing to sacrifice the power and stability of the grizzly to get the better blade guard of the SC.

So, to the question, has anyone had experience with the grizzly blade guard (particularly on the hybrid), and whether it's possible to get a better after market ? Or even build one ?

Additionally, during research I read an article that suggested that new legislation requires all new models to have a riving knife starting Jan 1 2008, would it be better to just wait several months until those models start showing up ?

Thanks !
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