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We took the hour drive north to Bellingham on Thursday to pick up my new saw! As usual the packing job from Grizzly is well done and no internal damage.
For those that haven't seen a Grizzly manual they are very good and this one was no different. Very precise and well written, well maybe one or two little things but nothing worth mentioning.
The saw went together pretty well, the left side wing was very easy as no problems with bowing or being level, the right side however was a bit of a pain, to quite a bit if loosening up, shimming, etc.. to get it right.
This is the first machine from them that had a supplied plug, and ofcourse it's not one I use, and the cord is only 6 ft so off to HD to get 12ft of 14-3 cord and the standard 220v plug I use on my band saw and planer.
Only one missing part, and one other complaint. The missing part is the elevation handwheel lock which CS has on the way and the lame miter gauge had grease all over it and the grease ate the number sticker. Just another piece of scrap metal anyway.
Upon completion the saw was excellent! everything was spot on :thumbsup:
I still can't believe it really. The fence was an easy adjust. It will take some getting used to as I have been using a right tilt saw for years.
The quick detach riving is just that, quick with positive lock when engaged.
I'm probably forgetting something, feel free to ask any questions. If I don't know I KNOW knotscott will :thumbsup: he's smart.
Anyway I fired it up a little while ago and it passes the nickel test without even the slightest wiggle. And as soon as I finish getting this QSWO milled up I'll be putting it thru it's paces.
Thanks for reading, Eric
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