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Grizzly G0586 Cutter Replacement

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I was wondering what is the opinion of switching out the knife cutterhead for the helical head replacement?

Seems like there is more cons with replacing the cutterhead for the helical heads...... Issues with installation and getting the cut to be flush/smooth-

Any opinions? I am looking at purchasing a Grizzly 8" G0586 jointer and replacing with a helical cutterhead.
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@911Fabrications welcome to the group
it appears to be from 2005 the model G0586.

Putting a spiral cutter head by Shelix on my Grizzly G0656 8" jointer.

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Lux Cut III Head for GRIZZLY 8'' Jointer, Model G0586 note it comes with bearings.
at $524 about a 25% of a new machine.
this maybe a good investment if the machine is in good working order.

if I were going to do this I would do all the preventive maintained at this time.
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