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Grizzly Bummer

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I just called Grizzly to order a new table saw. I had a coupon code but it had expired on 12/31/13, yes just a little over two weeks ago. I thought for sure they would honor it and let me take a 5% discount. No way. All they said was sorry. So I did not order. If anybody here has a coupon code that you’re not going to use PM me. I would use it. My order total is near $2,000 and a coupon would really help out. Thanks.

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I always figured that was the reason they put expiration dates on coupons. So we knew when they were no longer any good.:blink:
Grizzly usually does a spring/summer sale. Get on their mailing list. You'll get the flyer in the mail.

Sometimes, Woodworkers Journal has a protective mailing cover for subscribers and it comes with a discount coupon. (April or so issue) They had a Grizzly discount for two years, then a Porter Cable (?) and I don't know this year.

Finally, try calling back and ask to speak to a supervisor. Explain that your coupon expired because you had to make sure that your holiday bills were taken care of before buying. Ask for the discount. They can only say no. Oh, call from a different phone than the one that you originally used.
Thanks rrich. I am on their email list. I was just hoping they would honor the expired code. It didn't hurt to ask. I will call back on Monday and try again. Otherwise I will just wait to I get a new discount code from them in the future.

If anyone gets a discount code and does not need it, I would be greatful for it. It will go to good use. Thanks

Well I tried again and it's not going to happen. I tried two different sales people on different days, a manager and I also did their online chat. I guess I just wait now until a coupon comes along. I'm thinking the last time I had one in an email was last July. If nothing comes along soon I may have to just suck it up and pay full price. That will be a hard sell with the wife. At least I tried everything I could.

So again, if anybody comes up with a coupon and you're not going to use it, please pass it along. Thanks.

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