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Hello Woodworkers,

I am a “journeyman mechanic” or as some would say “master craftsman”. Those are labels I don’t take lightly because they are backed up with a carpenter/cabinetmaker apprenticeship before spending many years finishing in upscale homes with the last twelve years as a professional building designer and builder. Every once in awhile I get a request for a furniture piece or cabinet and I pick up my carpentry tools and make some very satisfying saw dust. However, my keyboard and mouse are the first tools I use as a good design starts with a well though out plan, modeling and documenting it first before ever picking up a hammer and saw. I apply the same commitment to my digital designs that I learned long ago as an apprentice carpenter which is to get it right the first time.

Below is an image representing my craft.

Here is an image of a cabinet design that I am currently building.

I've been a carpenter for quite some time and look forward to seeing some of work done through users on this forum.

If any of you have questions concerning me or my work please don't hesitate to ask.

Best Regards,
Pete A.

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Cad Software


I have used several software systems over the years...
It all began back in 1989

Arris-Builders CAd:glare:
Chief Architect:glare:

There you have it. I use a combination of Vectorworks and Form-Z depending on the project complexity and desired output.

Pete A
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