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Forgotten but not gone
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Welcome John!

As luck would have it, literally moments after I got your email last night and returned it telling you I would contact ebay, my computer locked up/froze up/died what have you. My local computer guy looked at it this a.m. and said it was above his head, telling me the hard drive needs to be replaced. As it is still under warranty,my wife and I took it to the nearest Toshiba Service Center which is in Dallas. Made a shopping trip out of it too. :glare: But I was h ppy to go shopping with her. :huh:
Anyway, I can't figure out how to get access to my email on this loaner laptop s0 I will probably not be able to check it until next week when I will hopefully get it back.

So . . . . like I was saying, welcome John. :icon_wink: If yoiu have sent me an email about anything I have not gotten it. Best way to reach me is by phone or PM right here on the forum.
Hopefully this old loaner of a laptop will not fail me. Now ask these guys that question you had about green turning blanks there are guys here who know that stuff! :yes:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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