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Yup. Master Bedroom. Don't use it, so why not work in it! :)

I'm a Gardenweb Woodworker's Board referral. So far, reading here has been so helpful!

I had a fire in my 1976 ranch in 2005. Shortly thereafter my GC husband left me with no heat, no kitchen, rudimentary plumbing (I showered at the neighbor's) few walls, extension cords running off the panel box, 7 cats (and litter boxes) and 4 dogs living in this thank God large MBR.

I've been rebuilding on my own, hiring experts when this waitress and yoga teacher can save the money, and teaching myself to do things. My ex-DH left 3 generations' worth of tools here, so I have every option in the world. Ironically, not only do I have
more tools than most woodworking studios, I have 3 or four of whatever. When he couldn't find something, he bought another.
(5 orbital sanders, 2 biscuit joiners, 4 hammer drills, a gudzillion socket sets, 5 or 6 drills and drywall guns, 2 reciprocating saws, I gave away an entire probably antique lathe system and radial saw -- stop me - you get the picture.)

Anyway, I'm at the point where I'm working on kitchen cabinets and their doors. Reuse centers got me different plywood cabinets for $5.00, I've built some with materials I had, and even found some on the side of the road.

I've come to learn to do things better. I have to teach myself how to use a router and not be afraid of my table saw or circular saw(s). I've got face frames & doors to complete!

So... TMI, perhaps, but this is where I am! :) Thank you in advance for your patience and experience.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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