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Greetings from Las Vegas, NV!!

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Hello all,

My fifteen year old son and I are planning on spending some quality time together learning woodworking. I'm a big DIY type of guy with a strong background in mechanics, but woodworking will be fairly new to both of us.

We have a three car garage that we will make our new woodworking home and plan to start off with a nice table saw, compound miter saw, a band saw, and a router with table. Any suggestions for beginners is appreciated. We are delving deep into books and magazines before we make the plunge.

It looks like we have found a home with this site...many thanks!:thumbsup:
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Welcome to the forum.:thumbsup:

I'm headed your way mid August. Let me guess it's hot.:laughing:

As for suggestions, what is your budget?

Since your new to this stuff I would suggest taking some classes, joining a club etc. It's a fun and rewarding hobby but can be dangerous. Classes etc will help.
Personally I like SawStop for a table saw. They are very well built saws with the added safety feature. There is no replacement for proper safety technique but it's good as a back up safety feature. I have the cabinet saw which is probably much more saw then you need. I do like the contractor saw also but it is pricey compared to some of the other more budget friendly saws. Don't get me wrong those other saws are very capable and nice saws without the safety device and a slightly less spit and polish finish all around.

SawStop starts out at like $1750 -$3000 where as a comparable saw from Grizzly would cost $950 - $1650 without the safety feature of SawStop. I lost a finger before I got my SawStop so I'm a little bias according to some I like to say enlightened or smarter.:thumbsup:

Porta Cable makes nice routers you can build a table as a project, Grizzly has nice band saws, I have a Harbor freight floor model drill press, nail guns compressor etc. Compound miter saws I would get a 10" or preferably 12" with a double bevel either DeWalt, Hitachi or Rigid brand.

You may also want a planer and get several blades for the table saw. Diablo blades or a good bang for the buck but you will want a dedicated rip, crosscut and a stack dado blades as well as a good general purpose blade. You can start with the latter.

Good luck and hopefully I answered all your questions.
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BernieL made me think a lot take more.

I would first think what type woodworking you want to do? You can then go to grizzly.com and look at tools you may need. Thy have a good shop planner that allows you to place items in the shop to see how it all works.

You will want to get dust collection or use respirators for your health.

Used tools if you can find them or a good idea. I can never find any.

You can shop for clearance items as a way to get good deals also. Buying only the stuff you need at this time for you to find deals on other tools you will need etc.

Good luck with it.
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