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Just picked up with woodworking again after moving away from New Jersey and a very stressful job. Have been at it on and off for some ten years, but have many hobbies and sort of switch from one to the other when I get bored. I enjoy target shooting, reloading, hunting, radio control boats and airplanes, dirt bikes and ATV's, digital photography, mentoring youth,and making copies of antique clocks.

Just came into some hardwood at next to nothing cost, so looking to get my shop set up again here in Northcentral Pa. and making some clocks. Now that I'm down to a forty hour a week job, and no longer running a non-profit mentoring organization in addition to holding down a full time job, I feel like I have loads of free time (I'm even allowing myself seven or eight hours of sleep a night).

Looking forward to getting some tips here as I lurk for a bit.

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