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Making sawdust in MS
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This project was quick, and easy. One sheet of plywood. I made a template of half the headboard, drew a center line, traced out one side. Then, flipping the template, traced the other side. I added a French cleat at the top, and a spacer at the bottom. Wood Plywood Table Chair Furniture
Wood Furniture Box Plywood Carving
My daughter painted the base coat. Then, printed her daughters picture onto a full sheet address label, attached it to the headboard. Then painted chalkboard paint over it. Architecture Arch Floor Room Wood
Arch Mirror Architecture Wood Chair
Ceiling Wall Room Tree Architecture
Room Tree Wood Art
After painting the chalkboard paint on, she peeled off the pic , and voila.,, Pink Room Wall Furniture Wood
Pink Furniture Room Heart Wall
The second headboard is for the baby, but she's going to wait till she's older to do her sillhouette. Thanks for looking.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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