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I saw a CL post for white oak slabs at the local Habitat for Humanity store for $1 a BF and figured I would take a look. I was wishing I would have got there a few days ago when I first saw the ad, but had to work. The wood was flat sawn, but the four pieces I picked out had plenty of quartersawn wood in them once cut down.

The wood was also already priced and seemed a bit more than a $1BF, but I am not sure how they were measuring it. I was all between 6/4 and 7/4, maybe they were rounding to 8/4. Two of baords are 21" wide and 8' long and two are 8.5" wide and 7' long. I paid $86 with tax. I am figuring around $1.40 BF. I am sure once I cut all the waste out it will double, but I don't think that is too bad for quartersawn white oak.

The moisture content with my cheap meter was between 8-10%. I am sure it is wetter inside. I will put these in the shop and let them settle a few more weeks and then back to my coffee table. They have sticker marks on them so I am hoping that they were dried proper for a while some where, before donation. I am hoping the QSWO I bought months ago, but was too wet, has dried enough. I am happy this new wood is thick enough for the table top. The other stuff was 4/4 and after milling was too thin for my taste for the top.

Here are some quick shots. I will do some closeups later.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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