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Go through your attics . . . . .

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Find some woodworking or woodworking-related tools, plans, jigs, patterns, or even wood itself! Dig it out and sell it because even more than a little extra change in your pocket, extra space in your shop or attic, you'll be providing a forum member with something they suddenly discover they cannot live without!
Plus it makes for something to talk about.
Don't forget the bartering system either. For example, let's say I needed a moisture meter and you have an extra one that you don't really need but it is good shape, and is accurate. You might post in the clasifieds that you have an extra moisture meter than is accurate and in good shape, that you will trade for, say, some awesome looking turning wood or some kind of widget or something. :icon_wink:

The possibilities are endless fellas.
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I hate to say this but, I am usually the last owner of a tool,car, guitar....when I get done with one , there is nothing left:blink:
Just waiting for my first 25 post. Then I have some saw sharpening equipment to barter for, maybe some other stuff.
i got some woodworking tools to trade but they wont let me post i got 95 post on the sawmill& timber side
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