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glue brush...naaw

Throw aways? naaw. Recyled tooth brushes! Yeaaa.
They are perfect for apping glue to a 3/4" to 1" wide strip. They can move the glue along, spread it evenly and you can clean them and reuse them.

Apply enough glue, a bead about the size of a small drinking straw.
to both pieces. Spread the glue evenly with the brush. Clamp using a backer that stiff enough to distribute the pressure.

If you don't have clamps suitable for the purpose, you can use brad nails at a slight angle and remove them later. Don't cut off the heads if you want to remove them. OR use finishing nails and drive them in, set them below the surface and fill the tiny holes when you finish sand them.

They make edging clamps for this purpose:
Amazon.com: edging clamps - Edge Clamps / Clamps: Tools & Home Improvement

If your boards aren't too wide you can use squeeze clamps to clamp around the far edge. These are good enough for edging:
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