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First things first - Welcome

I don't understand why you don't want to do any sanding - it's a big part of woodworking - but you don't have to do a lot of sanding. Dave is correct on the squeeze out issue, if you don't have any, your joint is probably starved of glue. One method to avoid glue residue is to apply bees wax along the edge where you will be applying the glue. Glue will dry on the wax and you can then peel it off with your finger. Just be careful not to get the wax where you want to glue. The wax can be cleaned off with denatured alcohol and light sanding.

Since you're new to woodworking, a method of covering the end grain of ply is used by lots of folks is the iron on veneer. You can purchase a small roll for about $5 at HD etc. Simply unroll it on the ply and iron it on with a cloth iron. They are usually slightly wider then the plywood and can be shaved with a knife.
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