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As I posted a little more than a year ago here, I made a dollhouse for my daughter.

It's stood up to a year of toddler abuse with no problems, except that some of the "pergo" floor strips have started to buckle up. See pic below.

I used Roberts Vinyl Composition Tile Adhesive #2057, which is what you'd use if you were putting pergo down on the floor of your house. Real-sized house I mean :icon_cheesygrin: I followed the instructions.

I don't want to tear off all the pergo - I'd like to find something to "touch up" the bad areas. I tried more 2057, applying it with a tootpick, but no joy - still seems to pop loose. Not everywhere, just in some problem areas.

Anyone want to hazard a guess of something else to try? Keep in mind there's no foot traffic - except the plastic feet of 6" high dolls.

Under the pergo is plain ol' plywood.

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