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Glue clean-up

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It seems that one topic that is never discussed in woodworking books or articles is the best way to clean up glue squeeze-out from glue-ups (especially inside corners). Is it better to clean the glue out wet with a wet rag (and risk staining), wait till it skins over, or scraping after it has dried. Or is the best approach to tape the inside corners. I have tried all these approaches and would like some input on the best way that others have found.
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inside connors

When you put glue on any joint you should have only a little glue squeez out so there is just a very fine bead. Inside connors are tuff enough already but my exsperiance has been to put just enough glue so if any squeez out it is very little. But remeber the glue squeezing out lets you know that you have enough glue on the joint and remeber you should not have tons of glue comming out there should be very minmial squeez. The best way to clean glue is to clean it within the frist half hour or hour you do not want to let it get rock hard but you do not want touch it when it is wet an just sqeezed out let it get a fine skin on it it will still be wet under the skin it forms on the outside. An there will be very little stains on the wood to worry about. Hope this was of help an this is just my thoughs.
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