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Glue clean-up

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It seems that one topic that is never discussed in woodworking books or articles is the best way to clean up glue squeeze-out from glue-ups (especially inside corners). Is it better to clean the glue out wet with a wet rag (and risk staining), wait till it skins over, or scraping after it has dried. Or is the best approach to tape the inside corners. I have tried all these approaches and would like some input on the best way that others have found.
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After you gain some experience you will find that you can judge the amount of glue that is required in a joint. This will lead to very little squeeze out and enough glue to do the job correctly. On my style and rail doors I have learned to use an acid brush to spread out the glue on the end grain of the rail. I know just how much to apply and never get any squeezout in the inside corner or coped corner. It just takes time and you need to pay attention to what you are doing and remember how you do it. After a while it will become 2nd nature to you.
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