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On my last lamination, I used Resorcinal glue which I think is similar in some respects to Plastic Resin Glue. Since there are a lot of surfaces to get glued up, it's important to make sure they're staying wet until they get clamped. If the glue begins to dry, or gets absorbed by the wood, that joint will lose strength. Keeping the clamping pressure even is also key. Since bending the laminations create pressure at the bends, using lots of clamps to even things out is important. I'd use a clamp every couple of inches if not more. For what it's worth, some of those bends look a little tight for wood that's 1/10" thick. The wood's tendency to resist the bends can make for uneven glue thicknesses at those joints. Best to have the wood be pretty compliant on the tighter bends. Lastly, it's best never to rely on glue to fill a joint. There's some latitude with epoxy, but for the most part glues don't have the strength to fill gaps
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