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This is a frame I recently finished to hold 3 Arts & Crafts style tiles that my wife bought. The frame is pretty much a copy of one sold by Dard Hunter Studios to hold these tiles.

It's QS white oak, approximately 14" x 19". The most difficult task for me was cutting the beveled face, which I think you can see in the photo. I screwed a piece of 1x6 to the back of the oak so I could more safely guide it through the table saw with the blade set to the bevel angle.

I used small splines in the back to join the divider pieces to the frame top & bottom, and used biscuits in the corners of the frame pieces. I put on one application of Minwax Provincial stain, followed by 4 coats of Deft satin lacquer.

As with most of the things I make/build, I'm pretty happy with it, but know which parts I could do better. :laughing:

Thanks for looking!


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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