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New to the site. I like it. Most of the other sites just talk about MDF of installing crown. MDF isn't wood. I despise that crap. Wood is where it's at. I love woodworking. Been doing it since I was a wee teen.I spent the last 18 years up in Lake Tahoe, California working on lakefront houses. I think one of my favorite things to do is log trimwork. Most people think of Paul Bunyan, but it takes an intence amount of concentration and craftsmanship to scribe two logs together with zero tolerances. Log accents, trim, mantles, slab bartops, man thats fun stuff. I've been getting into electrical work the last couple of years also. Something new to learn, my best friend is a EC.I hope I have some stuff to offer you guys as I've learned a lot of it the hard way, and hope to learn some things from you guys too.
See ya 'round

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