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We recently installed engineered wood flooring at home and are still in the process of putting down the thresholds. The threshold is between the wood floor and tile. The tile is a little shorter than the wood, by about 1/8".

There are 3 areas that need a threshold:
- Straight section by front door, only 1 piece required
- Long straight section by kitchen, 2 pieces required
- 5-segment section by fireplace

I'm having a tricky time with the long section. It required 2 pieces of molding because of the distance and I put a 45 degree miter joint between the two. I have been attaching the molding to the concrete subfloor. Because the holes in the concrete aren't perfect, there is a gap between the two pieces of molding at the 45 degree miter. I can press the two pieces back together, with little tension. Is there a good way to join these two pieces together? Would Liquid Nails work?

The next part is by the fireplace tile. It will be a 5-segment threshold. Can anyone recommend how to do this? I have thought about measuring and making on the tile-side where the threshold would be and then cutting based off of this 'inside' dimension. After that, the pieces could be joined together (Liquid Nails?), laid over the tile/wood and holes drilled into the concrete. I'm guessing there is a better way to do this and I'm not sure the liquid nails will work to join the pieces. Any ideas?

I have attached a drawing for illustration. Thank you for your time.


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