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Really underground garage
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Just some rambling here....may help?

On the FP hearth strip;generally you want to look at this so that your last cut/s are the "safest"(in the sense that its any easy to make cut...pers. safety is always important).So with that in mind,cut the fr pce first,then the short 45's where they join to fr.Leaving them long temporarily.....then work on short pce where it turn down the side.Then sides at 45 joint....ending with what should be "safe",easy to cut 90's.Theres more to it,but that would probably be my sequence.

Regarding "field" joints WRT long pcs,its best if they aren't in high traffic or highly visible places.....for obvious reasons.If its unavoidable and its gonna see high traffic....you'd probably be best served with some kind of mechanical joint reinforcement.Not being there to see,its subjective if that joint will hold-up?BW
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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