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Hi all,
The work on my bench has continued. I've glued up the top. The front and back is approximately 3" thick with the middle portion 2" thick. Now I'm down to flattening it. What is the best way to get this sucker flat? I've started to flatten the front/back on the bottom, and have each (front and back) roughly flat with respect to itself. But, they are necessarily flat with respect to the other. I started on the bottom because it needed the most work, and it needs to be flat to attach the base. I think I need to flatten the top first so that I have a reference surface for the bottom. Or am I missing something? Can I flatten the bottom without having the top flat? I don't know how I would reference the two separated surfaces.

I can't wait to get this thing finished. The top is HEAVY, almost too much for me to handle by myself. :laughing:


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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