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Did you ever give a thought to tool shape?

If you didn’t, we’ll tell you why you should pay attention to your tool shapes. Let’s get to the BOTTOM of the CNC machine tools world!

1) They are more functional
There is a list of drilling operations where these flat bottom tools play the role of a hero. Take thin plate drilling for example. When performing this operation, regular tools often face irregularities due to pushing materials through the exit hole. This derails us from achieving the desired perfection in the drilled holes. Flat bottom drills are extremely beneficial here as due to their general geometry they even downward forces. Hence, more clean surfaces.

2) They don’t create burrs
Unlike traditional tools, using flat bottom drilling tools helps us avoid unexpected (and undesired) burrs on the other side of the material. Make way for straighter and regular holes.

3) Is fit even for angular functions
Flat bottom drills are perfect for irregular surfaces due to their geometry, especially if it’s required to perform angular or tilted operations.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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