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Let me apologize up front for the crappy cell phone pic. I tried my hand at a band saw box this afternoon. I really need a different blade, my half dull 3/8 blade just wasn't cutting it. I'll keep it and compare as I move forward. Its suffering from loose curves and lots of glue squeeze out and was basically a learning experience. I did have fun and this will surely be the first of many, many more. Although im not at all happy with it, it is enjoyable. Made out of poplar with walnut oil.

look's fine , this is adictive you know? i make them lot's of them, don't forget to cut the back off after you cut out the pattern ? i have forgot to do this, you know what come's next, a new back and lot's of sanding, , i make small box's out of the slug's you cut out of for the drawer's also nothing get's away make sure that the blade is 90 degree to the bet from the side's and from the back of the blade, if not the drawer won't slide in and out good , it will bind if the blade isn't at 90 degrees all the way around, good luck also the box will slide in past the edge of the box, you can glue a piece of wood or use those felt pad's which i use on the back of the drawer than it will be at the egde of the box, that way and on the botton of the box, so as not to scratch where it is going to set, just fyi
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