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Hi everyone,

I'm totally new to building anything. I've been saving bottlecaps for a few years and finally have enough to put together a nice design. I want to build a coffee table that is the perfect size to house the caps (about 2'x3') and seal them in some sort of epoxy or resin to produce a nice, clear surface. All of the wood around the caps will be painted black.

My problems start with not even knowing which materials to use. I was thinking I could use some sort of plywood or mdf for the solid surface and then perhaps poplar lumber to create a frame around the caps that is offset from the center sheet enough to contain the resin. I think I could just use miter joints to hold this frame around caps? And then fasten the legs to this frame as well as a corner brace?

Do any of you all have any suggestions or plans for a setup similar to this? If I'm posting this in the wrong place then I apologize! Let me know what other details you may need.

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