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Dave Paine

If you are dipping parts to get rid of rust? Here is what I do to clean hinges and part with. I use a muriatic acid solution from the hardware store (not the premix). You will need a lot of ventilation and use a Rubbermaid tub. some other types melt after a while with it. I use 1 part acid and 4 parts water. Pore the acid in after you have the water in but use the corner to keep from splashing. Also have like tub of water to rinse it in. In the summer, most parts are ready in as little as 30 minutes. You can always redo the dipping. I use green pad and fine metal brushes to scrub with in the rinse water. Dry immediately completely, and some parts I use a hand torch or heat gun to make sure. Then you can polish and/or refinish.

One more thing. Muriatic acid removes zink violently bubbling. Do not be close by until it stop. Just be safe, the fumes will hurt you and don't breath over the acid tub for any reason and use protection.

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