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I supervise a woodshop that is open to the general public for either an hourly or monthly membership fee. As such the tools receive much abuse and therefore require constant maintainence. During the past several years as a shop rat I have found that many woodworkers breakdown into 2 categories: those who love tweaking their machines and those who would opt for dental work if given the choice. I belong to the first group, however my time is often comprised not only by the needs of the shop members, but those of clients I pick-up on the side. I just finished paralleling our 20 year old DJ-20 8 in. jointer which took some time but was well worth the headaches, aching knees and the grief testy clients gave me for postponing their projects. Now I'd like to solve the sniping problem on our 15HH Powermatc Planer. I considered asking Powermatic techs. about this only to learn from another shop super who already made similiar inquiries that Powermatic believes this sniping is within industry tolerances. In fact, according to the other super, their tech called the 15HH "snipey". Granted, bigger planers often snipe but typically this occurs only on the outfeed and not on the infeed as well. This is all a bit distressing espcially for a company of Powermatic's standing. So, before I attempt the standard fixes for this problem I thought I'd ask if anyone has found some ingenious alternative solution other than using our lunchbox DeWalt for the final pass. (We love that little DeWalt, but our ears thank us for the 15HH).
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I'm not all that experienced at machine setup but for what it's worth I talked to a Delta rep. who told me to put a dime on the planner bed and then level the in&outfeed tables with the straight edge on the dime.
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