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I was just scanning some old slides and came across one that reminded me of my first major project.

Many years ago, 1964 to be exact, I had finished grad school, gotten married and the AF shipped me to Sunnyvale, California.

My wife and I bought a little (1250 sq ft.) new house in San Jose. (We paid $17,250 for the house. A few years ago we drove through the neighborhood and the next door neighbor said it was then worth around $375,000. I should have just shrink wrapped it and kept it.)Of course with a new house there was much to do. We wanted a bookcase and a place to put out TV in the living room. I was young and ambitious so thought I could do any thing. So I decided that it was not too much to lay brick and make a wood (for the shelves and back) and brick bookcase. My wife was having a hissy fit as she just knew I was going to ruin her room.

I extended the fireplace hearth, added some brick columns and then wood for shelves and back. Viola, our new TV stand and bookcase.

I do not think it came out too bad for someone who had never laid a brick before. Please note our German Shepard, King, resting comfortable on the hearth. He liked his pillow.



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