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Thanks, and I'll be sure to post a picture with the plants.

Before I started this project I had the following:

- 6" Jointer (older 1940s I inherited from my great grandfather and restored)
- 10" contractor table saw (same era as the jointer, also my great grandfather's and restored)
- 12" DeWalt SCMS -- purchased new
- Bosch 1617EVSPK -- purchased new
- Grizzly 17" bandsaw -- purchased used from CL
- DeWalt DW734 planer -- purchased used from CL (same guy I got the bandsaw from)

During this project I acquired the following:

- Porter Cable DP -- purchased new
- DeWalt DW788 -- purchased new
- Grizzly 8" Jointer -- purchased used from CL
- Jet 16" Planer -- purchased used from CL (same guy I got the jointer from)
- Tempest 3.5HP Dust Collector -- purchased used from CL

I really wanted an 8" jointer after using mine. I absolutely hate the fence on my 6" jointer, it is incredibly hard to adjust and keep square. However, the real reason is that just about every rough board I had to rip using my circular saw was 6 1/4" wide and boy did that get tiring quick. A waste of wood and a pain to do.

The 16" planer was mostly because it was a great deal. However, I was quickly growing less and less fond of my DW734 as it did not have dust collection so I pretty much had to drag it out and set it up outside the garage to use it.

I really would like to find a good replacement cabinet saw, but I am going to wait. I have a lot of memories with my great grandfather's tools and I just don't have the room to have two table saws setup in my garage. We're exploring the possibility of building a detached shop down the road if I stick with the hobby. If we do that then I can keep both saws and keep a dado in the contractor saw for instance. But man is it a pain to adjust the fence and keep it square and it's missing a lot of safety features in today's saws.
Did you get the Jet planer form a person in Winter Haven? If so, I think you beat me to them!!!!

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I sure did! Small world! I went there interested in his planer, jointer, and dust collector. Someone beat me to his DC, but I ended up with a better one from CL about a week later.

The wife is working on placing her orchids on the stand today :thumbsup:

Congrats on getting the tools....the owner had a great price on them and from the pictures, they looked in pristine condition. Luckily I found a nearly new Grizzly G0656 a week later, but for a little more. Not nearly the deal you got on the G0490. Now, I just need to find a 15 inch planer. By the way, I live south of Jacksonville....I was going to make the drive down for the tools.

And, your project looks great....especially for all of your "firsts".
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