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GISer3546 said:
I agree with air quality being the problem. I have considered building a simple air cleaner with a squirrel cage fan and a furnace filter and found I'd probably end up spending about the same that a shop-vac portable air cleaner would cost me ($130 +). The ratings I've seen have been mostly positive, the only down side being the expensive filters for the shop-vac air cleaner.

Would any air cleaner make a noticeable difference or would I have to run a 4" hose to my bs for a solution?

Is it worth my time to build a cleaner or go out and buy one?

I have seen a few good reviews about the Demo Air Net. Has anyone used these... would be a viable alternative to building or buying an air cleaner?
I built one like your talking about utilizing 3 furnace filters of increasing quality, a 500cfm range hood squirrel blower..and scrap plywood. Now to be fair, the blower and plywood were scrap so I had no cost there. The filters cost me 25 bucks. I've only ever had to change the primary cheap filter which costs me 2 bucks each time.

You might check with local furnace guys as they'll often sell you parts out of old hvac stuff they've removed. Good source for high Cfm blowers
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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