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First commission

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On a whim, I posted an ad in my local Craigslist that I would be willing to make workbenches for people.

I got an email this evening from a guy asking for a quote for an 8' long bench. He included plans for a simple bench made out of 2x4s. Given that the wood for it would run about $90, I quoted him a price of $150 for an 8' long bench made out of 2x4s for the base and 2x6s for the top, and he accepted it!
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Thanks folks. Cabinetman, this is a hobby for me as I have a full-time job as a software developer. As such, I think $60 for a few hours work is fine. It keeps me busy and I get a week's worth of free lunches out of the deal.

Now if I was trying to use it to pay the bills, I'd be homeless before long.
i finished buying the wood for this ...

the frame is 2x3s doubled up, with a top of 3 2x10 pieces of douglas fir. the shelf below is 15/32 ply. there will be 6 legs: one on each corner, and a pair in the middle.

total cost for the wood: $74. So I'm looking at a profit of $76. I spent about an hour last night figuring stuff out and cutting and assembling 4 of the legs. Another couple of hours tonight to finish it up, so I'm looking at about $25 per hour profit.

heck fire, i'll take it.
pics of the bench

the top is 3 8' long 2x10 doug fir

i am putting a shelf below, but that is not done yet.


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1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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