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First commission

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On a whim, I posted an ad in my local Craigslist that I would be willing to make workbenches for people.

I got an email this evening from a guy asking for a quote for an 8' long bench. He included plans for a simple bench made out of 2x4s. Given that the wood for it would run about $90, I quoted him a price of $150 for an 8' long bench made out of 2x4s for the base and 2x6s for the top, and he accepted it!
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That's great Chris, its always nice to be paid for having fun in the shop.

I take commissions for small projects too.

I charge by the hour and include time spent in material selection/purchase and any design work that is required.

If I start the project with a clean shop I charge for shop clean up after completion.

To insure that the client gets a square deal I use the stopwatch function on my phone.

The clock stops for breaks, phone calls and any prolonged head scratching...

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If I make a mistake and have to buy more material those costs come out of my pocket.

I don't do any advertising.

When I deliver the finished product I give the client my card and ask them to give them to interested parties.

Please post pics of the bench.
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