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First Bowl

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Nothing incredible...did one yesterday had a lot better curve..this one is straight..one yesterday my mounting screws snapped off in it and im not about to try catching one with my chisels. So here is my first completed bowl.

Food Cuisine Wood Dish

Wood Auto part

Vehicle door Auto part Floor Bumper Automotive exterior
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Second attempt nice also. Inclusion = character
rtindell said:
Finally turned one that i think turned out awesome....i.wanted to see how thin i could go on it..how good my control was....too bad its green and more than likely going to crack in half....we will see what happens...but for now....im proud of this one.. :)

Any tips on how i can prevent it from being scrap would be great..i have it sitting in a bag of shavings right now...going to oil it up every day or so...
others may have better ideas but I have used Danish oil on mine at this stage. is seems to slow down the drying and reduce cracking. it will warp, but after it has warped I dress the bottom at a disc sander so it sits flat.
1 - 3 of 37 Posts
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