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First Bowl

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Nothing incredible...did one yesterday had a lot better curve..this one is straight..one yesterday my mounting screws snapped off in it and im not about to try catching one with my chisels. So here is my first completed bowl.

Food Cuisine Wood Dish

Wood Auto part

Vehicle door Auto part Floor Bumper Automotive exterior
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Looks good for a first or second bowl. :thumbsup:

FYI, you can also mount to a faceplate by screwing a flat piece of wood to the faceplate, then glue the bowl blank to the faceplate wood with normal Titebond glue and a piece of paper the diameter of the bowl blank.

Glue both sides of the paper, allow the glue to set and you will be surprised how strong this joint is for turning.

After you have finished turning, a sharp whack with a mallet and the paper will split, then all you have to do is to clean off the remaining paper/glue as you finish turning the bottom of the bowl.
Thanks..so if a good whack will knock it free...a bad catch would more than likely do the same?
A really bad catch. I have had my share of catch's while using the paper joint, but so far not bad enough to break the joint.

I would rather break the paper than the wood.
Mineral oil, is that turps?
No, not sure of the name in Australia. This is the Wiki definition

"A mineral oil is any of various colorless, odorless, light mixtures of alkanes in the C15 to C40 range from a non-vegetable (mineral) source, particularly a distillate of petroleum.[1] The name mineral oil by itself is imprecise, having been used to label many specific oils over the past few centuries. Other names, similarly imprecise, include white oil, liquid paraffin, and liquid petroleum. Baby oil refers to a perfumed mineral oil."

Clear oil, almost no odour, light weight. Perfume is added then it is sold as Baby Oil in many places.

Mineral oil is one of the finishes used for cutting boards.

You may be thinking about Mineral Spirits, which is solvent. Not the same as turpentine but they are both used as solvents.
I might google methylated spirits (metho) and see if that comes under that category. I'm guessing that might be what you call mineral spirits. Can you use Mineral spirits? I know alcoholics used to use it mixed with cordial. Different purpose - then again - infuse it, replace other liquids and soak in it.
Methylated spirits is the name in the UK for what is called Denatured Alcohol (DNA) in the US. Both contain methyl alcohol to make the product not drinkable and so there is no alcohol tax applied.

Sad to say in the UK a number of down-and-outs may drink methylated spirits. The methyl alcohol does a lot of damage.

In the US, there are cheap wines which are sold in bulk containers. Same buzz but not as much immediate damage.

The US mineral spirits does not contain any alcohol. Just a light distillate solvent. I do not know where the name came from.
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Does DNA / metho do the same as a mineral oil (is it in the range of mineral oil you mentioned earlier)
No DNA/Methylated spirits is alcohol which is a solvent so evapourates.

Mineral oil will soak into the grain of the wood. It will eventually dry out and need to be replenished.

I see a number of cutting board products which are a combination of mineral oil and e.g., beeswax.
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