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I must not be using the Search function correctly, as I cannot find a single instance where 'first aid kit' is even mentioned here, let alone discussed.

What is essential in a shop first aid kit?

Looking thru Amazon, seems the marketing is based on how many pieces are in the kit for the money.

I submit to yinz that ibuprofen, antacids, poison ivy stuff, bee sting stuff, et al, are NOT needed in the shop. If I get a headache, I'll go in the house & get the ibuprofen from the medicine cabinet. If I get a bee sting, I'll yell 'Owww!'.

The shop kit needs stuff for a proper EMERGENCY. The #1 (only?) situation is getting a finger or something hacked open by some saw blade. You need to be able to stop the bleeding first, THEN yell for the spouse. EVERYTHING else, you can run HOME first, then yell for the spouse.

It's not a first aid kit then, it's a stop bleeding kit. Gauze/pressure dressings, a tourniquet ... and I guess an instant cold pack to place the missing finger in after the bleeding stops.

Secondary: assorted bandages, tweezers (and a spare set of eyeglasses so I can see the offending splinter to use said tweezers).

And ... that's it. Stop the bleeding, and remove splinters.

Agree or disagree?

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