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I went to a Safety Supply store. Body harnesses, rope, all that stuff _and_ a dozen different First Aid kits. I explained that I was a wood carver and getting cut was the major risk. They pointed at the BC #2 kits, I read the grocery list and bought one for the truck and one for the house/shop.

Fortunately, I have not needed to use either one, can't recall what they cost, basically don't care.

I live in a village on HWY 16, one of the most dangerous winding mountain winter highways there is. 8 people killed in the last 6 weeks.
Then there's the wildlife collisions. Rice-burning Hondas just submarine under a moose that comes across the hood and into the windshield. I've attended some, people badly shook up but not a scratch. The vehicles are usually totalled, so is the moose/deer/elk/caribou/cougar/bear. . . . . .
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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