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I have both the Mylands Friction Polish and the General Finish Salad Bowl Finish but have never tried to apply one on top of the other.

I am not surprised the Mylands absorbed. It is mostly solvent. I would have just applied several coats until I had a complete coat.

I think the General Finish should be able to be sanded off. I would try sanding before applying any other finish.

Plan "B" is any wax, beeswax, paste wax. It will look fine for the presentation, but will fade in days or weeks.

Shellac may be the finish to save the day, as long as the piece will not be exposed to water.

If any exposure to water, try the General Finish Wood Turners Finish, essentially a water based poly. Supposed to dry in a few minutes for each coat, then after several coats, try the micro mesh.
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