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Friends of mine had 2 extremely large wine bottles at their wedding. Guests signed them with silver sharpie markers. I worry if they ever decide to pour it, the alcohol will dissolve the marker. I am wondering if there is any clear finish that will:

1) Stick to glass
2) Not mess up the signatures
3) Look nice

I plan to make them a nice holder for the wine bottles.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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An automotive urethane clear coat would adhere to glass. It's kind of pricy though. I would be inclined to go to a arts and crafts store and get some acrylic paint medium for glass or ceramics. They make paint for painting plates and dishes and the medium can be used to topcoat it. The auto paint would need to be sprayed anyway.

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Technically you could spray an oil base polyurethane (it may add an amber tone), a 2K urethane, a cab acrylic lacquer, or a waterbase polyurethane. Any of those will protect signatures, but since there is no penetration, any of them could be scratched off with improper or excessive handling.

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