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I'm a small business owner who centers around lathe turning. Ice cream scoops, pizza cutters, pens, etc. I don't do a lot of bowls. I sell around 1,000 pieces a year or so.

I need help with my finish work. Right now I have a very quick regimen that involves sanding to 220 then a light BLO coat that is burnished with a paper towel. Then I apply a layer or CA with small paper towel squares. Hit it with Insta Set and burnish with 0000 Steel Wool. All of this takes around 1 1/2 minutes per piece and I have only had 1 piece come back to me for a finish repair in the last 5 years.

I keep a fan running on the lathe at all times to keep the dust out of my lungs and the CA fumes off me. However, I'm starting to get worried about exposure to my lungs as well as my hands for the CA. I could wear gloves but it's really a touch and feel problem for me there. It also takes time to put on a pair of latex gloves and they never stay on my hands long without getting a hole. Maybe I should get the super thick mechanics latex ones? Not sure.

Anybody out there doing production spindle work that has a durable finish that is quick? I though about taking them off the lathe after the BLO coat and using a HPLV in batches to spray them but I'm worried I'd have to hand buff each piece and spraying round things seems like a pain to get consistent even finish on the product.

Thanks for the help. :)
Are you using the CA glue with the lathe running? If so I wouldn't recommend any gloves. If it grabs the gloves it could mangle your hand before you could react.

Myself, I've always used lacquer with turnings. I just cover the lathe and spray it rotating the spindle by hand. It takes a little while to dry but I do the between the coats sanding with the lathe running.
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